OH boy

Ok, April and May have been busier than I expected, so I haven't had any progress on any projects. And classes have started back up for me a little over a week ago.
In the interim, another project has made itself onto my pile, too. If you look at the wish-list, you can see that I used chip-in as stop gap for now. But reall,y what I want to do is re-write portions of the existing paypal module, or at least make a module that extends it, to enable creating "meters" like the ones chip-in creates. Chip-in uses flash, but I really wanted to do something with CSS and / or java script to make the meters, and to store the contributed ammounts, either in a DB, or if it's available from Paypal's API, to pull the data dynamically. The folks at O'Reily were generous enough to donate their new book on the PayPal API, so once the semester is closer to being under wraps, I'll tackle the book, and then the module.
In the mean-time, expect some silence from me, as I'm taking 3 classes this semester, and wouldn't you know it? - They're all accelerated again, this semester. *ugh*