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adam's blog


Everyone loves on-liners, right? No, not those awful puns and jokes your coworkers bother you with, but near-magic on-line commands for the linux / unix command line interface!
Here's a few I've collected over the past couple years at work that occasionally make my life easier. A lot of these are awk on-liners, or just some bash on-liners. I also occasionaly find myself using ruby or perl for on-liners, but I haven't "Saved" many of those. I'll try to remember to start "saving" them here. 

Regular Expressions

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am Linux / Unix nut, a CLI nut, and that I LOVE regexs.

There are several regexes I find myself using relatively frequently at work, so I've decided to share them here, in case anyone else finds them useful.


Any engine should be able to use this to find Cisco IOS Version numbers in text:

[0-9]{2}\.[0-9]\([0-9]+[a-z]?\) ?([A-Z]+[0-9]?)?

This one will help you find an IP address in some text, and only valid IP addresses, NOT junk like 333.256.456.999 :

OH boy

Ok, April and May have been busier than I expected, so I haven't had any progress on any projects. And classes have started back up for me a little over a week ago.

I'm back

I've been "away" for a bit. Even though the school semester has come to na end, I immediately took off for Floriday, for a much needed vacation. My wife and I enjoyed the sun, the surf, and the sights. Then I was back again for a week before I was off again. This time to Virginia to take SANS FOR408 - Windows Forensics.


I can't help myself. So in addition to the Make: Electonics stuff, and the CISSP stuff, I've added another little something for between semsters. I'm going to start working on an HKP implementation for Drupal. I've wanted a key server, and since most of the people I'm going to exchange encrypted messages with will be users of this Drupal site, I figured I might as well build it right in. I poked around looking for an existing implmentation, and couldn't find one. In fact, the only thing remotely similar was a plugin for encrypting posts to Drupal, and it's only 6.x compatible.


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