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If you like to make things, share in that DIY ethic, like to figure out what makes things tick, have ideas you want to share, want to learn new and exciting technologies, are an artisan, are an artist, then SCIL wants YOU! Please, come join our mailing listdrop us a line, or better yet JOIN!

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Big News

SCIL will have a new home, soon. We're currently in talks with another non-profit in Taunton, MA who has excess space and is looking for other non-profit groups to fill the space.
What does this mean? We're going to be stepping our fund raising efforts since we're going to have to prepare / improve the space. We're also, obviously, going to need furniture and tools to fill the new space, too. We'll be posting a wishlist on this site so that members and friends can help us get what we need.


New Mailing List!

SCIL is no longer going to be using Google Group to run our mailing list. We've moved it "in house" and will be using mailman.
Be sure to sign up at http://lists.scilspace.com/ as the Google Group is now officially closed.


Robot Combat!


Along with out friends at TESLA and Upper Cape Cod Makerspace, we're starting a Robot Combat league! We're actually planning / hoping to have our first event this July! TESLA in Worcester, MA has graciously offered to provide a venue for the event. We just have to iron out a couple of rules and details and start building our robot gladiators :)


New Brochure

I'm not entirely sure how news worthy this is, but we've officially got a brochure to share, now. We'll be printing copies and leaving them around at places where makers / hackers / DIY types are likely to congregate.

Feel free to download and print off your own copy.

The SCIL Brochure


Fun with QR Codes

I created a new QR code with SCIL's logo embedded in it. It want's too bad. I just used a web based QR code generator that encoded our URL, and chose QR Code version 6, and the  maximum allowable error checking. Then, I created a copy of the logo with a little bit white space around it and the rest of it is transparency. Then I embedded the logo in the center of the QR code. It works. I'm going to be putting it on our brochures and what-not.




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