Drupal HKP Plugin


As was discussed on the mailing list, I want to start working on a plugin for Drupal that implements HKP. I was hoping that we could basically just use the users' profiles to store their public keys, and then implement the rest of the HKP in the node structure. I'm not 100% how to tackle this yet, as I've never written an entire Drupal module from scratch before. But I'm going to have some time coming up, and I figured it would be a fun project to work on, and something that the larger Drupal community could use.

I figured I would start this thread in the forum so we could trade ideas and track what ever progress we make in a more "public" place.

I have not worked with Drupal yet but I am willing to learn new things and I would like to be included in this project.  What would be a good way to start with Drupal; should I learn about Drupal or how to make plugins for Drupal?

An out-of-the-box install of Drupal is already usable, if a little boring. But the base install is pretty flexible, and you can get started creating and organizing interesting content in interesting ways. But the real power are in the themes and modules. You should consider downloading a copy of Drupal just to have a gander at the source codem maybe even isntall it on a space web server to tinker with.
But as far as getting a plugin going, it's not too bad, if you're already pretty comfortable code in PHP. The Drupal API is fully documented here:
And the module specific portion is documented here:
And finally, there is a pretty cool tutorial for writing your own modules here:
Actually, it might make more sense to visit those links in reverse order. lol.