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March 2012

Robot Combat!


Along with out friends at TESLA and Upper Cape Cod Makerspace, we're starting a Robot Combat league! We're actually planning / hoping to have our first event this July! TESLA in Worcester, MA has graciously offered to provide a venue for the event. We just have to iron out a couple of rules and details and start building our robot gladiators :)


New Brochure

I'm not entirely sure how news worthy this is, but we've officially got a brochure to share, now. We'll be printing copies and leaving them around at places where makers / hackers / DIY types are likely to congregate.

Feel free to download and print off your own copy.

The SCIL Brochure


Fun with QR Codes

I created a new QR code with SCIL's logo embedded in it. It want's too bad. I just used a web based QR code generator that encoded our URL, and chose QR Code version 6, and the  maximum allowable error checking. Then, I created a copy of the logo with a little bit white space around it and the rest of it is transparency. Then I embedded the logo in the center of the QR code. It works. I'm going to be putting it on our brochures and what-not.