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December 2011

Tesla Visit

A couple of us visited Tesla on Wednesday evening. We found the group to be inviting, informative, and really, really cool. We made some great connections and got wonderful new ideas on how to proceed with SCIL and make our hackerspace great! I really encourage members of SCIL to get on over to TESLA and meet those guys. In fact, they're very interested in potentially collaborating on projects in the future, too.

What is a makerspace anyway?

Makerspaces are community oriented physical places, where people with similar interests can meet to socialize, collaborate, share, and work on projects. They often include elements of machine shops, wood working shops, and art studios where creative minds can get together to share resources, tools, and knowledge to build new things. Members usually embody aspect of the DIY ethic and the spaces and members together are part of the larger DIY Movement.