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If you like to make things, share in that DIY ethic, like to figure out what makes things tick, have ideas you want to share, want to learn new and exciting technologies, are an artisan, are an artist, then SCIL wants YOU! Please, come join our mailing listdrop us a line, or better yet JOIN!

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Wiki Woes

We cannot seem to keep our wiki up. Many pages lost in cyberspace. We hope to get some back. Meanwhile the wiki has gone walkabout. Currently all that can be found is at: http://www.opencircuits.com/SCIL_at_OpenCircuitsMost of it there ( not much yet ) is about the Arduino group and is at: http://www.opencircuits.com/Adruino_SIG . We are working on recovering more and moving it there. When the next move happens it will be posted there. Sorry.

Workshop Tonight -- Arduino and Motors

The time has come to make things move. See: https://www.meetup.com/South-Coast-Innovator-Labs/events/235057234/

The Wiki is Back!

Found a loose wire, so simple once found!

Membership Benefits

Welcome to SCIL. Please feel free to browse our website. Additional access to the website is just one of many membership benefits. You can click on the Membership tab above to obtain more information about becoming a SCIL member. We are working on the 'Member's Manual' and hope to have it online soon.


Finally our Wiki page is back online.  You can use the link in the navagation sidebar at the left or you can click here to get to the WIKI.  Russ says: the wiki is back up but there may be url issues, try: https://www.scilspace.com/index.php/Main_Page



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