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Progress at the Labs

Progress at the Labs has been a bit slow but steady none the less.  The Living Systems Lab has held a few programs that were announced on Meetup.com/South-Coast-Innovator-Labs.  The Fiber Arts Room has announced it's Grand Opening and first meeting is on October 23rd at 7pm.  The computer lab (3D printing, CAD, Programming) is almost ready for its opening as well with only a few more bugs to shake from the system.  The Electronics lab is open but still under construction.  The Woodworking Shop is useable but not officially open, there is still a little work to do there.  As for the Metal wo

SCIL in the news!

SCIL was recently featured in article in the Taunton Daily Gazette


We Have A Home.

SCIL has a new address (and our actual makerspace).  It is official.  We have signed a lease for 5000 sq. ft. of space at 1380 Bay Street, Suite A, Taunton, Ma.

Even More Equipment

A generous donor has just presented to us a Shopsmith.  If you are not familiar with the Shopsmith, let me explain.  The Shopsmith is a multi tool: Wood Lathe, Drill Press, Horizontal Boring machine, Table Saw, Disk Sander, Drum Sander, Band Saw, Jointer, With additional attachments it can also become a belt sander, a planer, and a shaper.  It is very versitile.

More Equipment

Paragon SnF 283 Kiln

We have just received the donation of a large Paragon Kiln.  The Paragon SnF 283 is one of the larger kilns and has a firing temperature rating of 2350 degrees.  This new equipment will help us expand the functionality of our new makerspace.


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