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The Move!

We have had to move out of our Taunton space, literally just a little bit before the ceiling falls. Unfortunately we do/did not really have a space to move into. How sad. However, Robert found places to store our stuff, including tons ( literally ) of machine tools. The move was a huge effort both for the people ( mostly members ) who actually moved the stuff, and for our treasury. But it is done.

Wiki Woes

We cannot seem to keep our wiki up. Many pages lost in cyberspace. We hope to get some back. Meanwhile the wiki has gone walkabout. Currently all that can be found is at: http://www.opencircuits.com/SCIL_at_OpenCircuits Much of it there is about the Arduino group and is at: http://www.opencircuits.com/Adruino_SIG . We have since recovered quite a bit more and moved it to open circuits as well. The link http://www.opencircuits.com/Category:SCIL will find most of it.

Workshop Tonight -- Arduino and Motors

The time has come to make things move. See: https://www.meetup.com/South-Coast-Innovator-Labs/events/235057234/

The Wiki is Back!

Found a loose wire, so simple once found!

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